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Karina Clough


Karina in full sailing gear on a wet and rainy day, the women tried their best although we knew it was going to be a hard game - thanks to the great British weather!
We were initially motivated by the idea of Blandford having no goalie but soon proved us wrong by scoring 2 goals in the first few minutes as having 11 outfield players proved difficult for our defence.
Millie then got a goal with some good play from harmony and Gracie up the left wing.
Great defensive work from heather stopped another goal from being scored.
Unfortunately with Blandford having some great attacking players another two goals were scored 4-1
Some more brilliant work from Sarah and Emily stopped another goal, however Blandford awarded 2x shot corners with one hitting the post but luckily for us no goal was given.
Poole awarded short corner and with a smashing goal from Kirsty made the score 4-2 at half term.
It didn’t take Blandford long to score another goal now 5-2.
More amazing work from nickie and Millie lead to a goal by Emily being scored 5-3.
Despite valiant efforts from the whole team Blandford ended up scoring 4 more goals.
Final score 9-3, at least it wasn’t double figures!

Whoopsie daisy - me (harmony - for asking if we’re still playing even though it’s raining)
Player of the match - me (harmony - for some great defensive and stick skills

Written by: Gracie and harmony

vs Gillingham DT 25th November 2018

Sunday dawned grey and gloomy, which is how we felt after Gillingham ‘s first half goal was allowed 😤 - more about that later!

After an unfeasonably early departure, we arrived determined to make it worth our while. The first 15 minutes saw Gillingham penetrate our D several times resulting in 3 short corners, expertly held at bay by Emily’s solid foot work to clear away. A Gillingham forward, forgetting she was playing hockey, not football, which the umpire completely failed to spot, sadly struck in to the back of the net . Even the player herself and her teammate said they lucky to have avoided being blown up for that.

Galvinised, Poole had ownership of the next 15 mins with some lively passing up to Gracie, Millie and Kirsty who were unfortunate not to convert.

The second half was pretty even,but again the dependable partnership of Badley Hazal and TJ was required to hold off further attacks. Emily made a cracking save and clear from short distance. The Poole attack continued with Esme who drove along the back line towards the far left post where Heather was agonisingly close to flicking it millimetres wide . After a breakaway run, Gracie kept her cool and defeated the goal with swift accuracy Yes! 1-1 final score.

Player of the match
Jointly Skye for consistent defending and marking like Velcro and
Emily for being a human wall and nimble on her feet

Most athletic tackle Nickie dived fully outstretched to stop a ball, lying parallel to the ground whilst doing the splits! Never seen such dedication to the team, what commitment to a tackle!

Oopsie Daisy Karina yet again forgets the rules.

Written by Karina


vs Wimborne DT 18th November 2018

Ladies 2s v Wimborne

Pressure was on to keep up Poole’s unbeaten record this weekend, and after just three minutes we were bang on track, with a goal from Kirsty taking the keeper by surprise. 
Play was fairly even for the next spell with good end-to-end running before a series of great triangular passes finished up with Kirsty knocking in number two. Wimborne were keen to get back in the game, but some staunch defending from Amber, Lilly, Harmony and Debs kept them at bay. Or at least it did until Debs inadvertently saw an opportunity to get on the score sheet. 2-1. Back down the other end, another goal opportunity arose off a short corner. Nicky injected and when the ball came back to her, pushed it through for goal number three.
So half-time, 3-1 and all looking good. Inspirational words from manager “has anyone seen my car keys?” AJ and we were back on the pitch looking to make it 4-1. It was another evenly played half with some great use of space and width. Wimborne snuck one back but there was no shortage of spirit and determination with captain Karina leading from the front. Pulled up for a stick tackle, she was straight back in there to have another crack, unfazed by technicalities like five yard rules. The result - who knew green cards were triangular?
Two minutes to go and we still had the edge. One minute, and it was in our D, but we had it covered. 30 seconds, and one pesky forward snuck into space, and somehow got it past TJ to rebound off the post and in. 
This was more or less how it happened but a shortage of breath and blood to the head for most of the game may have led to some memory lapses.

End result 3:3

MOTM – (joint) Harmony and Lilly 
Oopsie Daisy moments – (joint) Karina for being green carded. AJ for leaving her car keys in the car door for the entire match.

Written by Jo


vs Blandford DT 4th November 2018

Poole Ladies Development Team match report vs Blandford @home 4th November

Our lucky charm (coach AJ) was kidnapped by the nasty “car breaking down goblins’ resulting in our first loss this season. Hope the low loader has arrived by now AJ!

The annoyingly persistent rain matched our mood as we unluckily conceded two early goals to a Blandford team, that despite a couple of beginners in their squad, seemed to contain a LOT of players with advanced stick skills!

Once we woke up to the realisation that we would have to play a heavily defensive game, we were up for the challenge.but we did have some sweet breakaways! Newcomer Emma, quickly demonstrated that 10 years absence from the game was not going to hold her back pushing up on the left wing to pass on to our pocket rocket Abi for some heroic attempts at gaining entry in to our attacking D.

Despite the rock of “the voices of calm”, Deb, TJ (“Mine!””)and Nickie, Blandford smashed in another goal.

Bruised but tenacious, Poole attacked, arrived in front of the goal and after some bumping and grinding, slipped a deliciously delicate past the goalies legs- Jo never taking her eye of the prize sealing our first goal!

In the second half, our courageous goalie, Emily, sustained assault after assault with 10 short corners only allowing 2 to whizz past and even lying down parallel along the goal mouth fully outstretched at one point!

Despite some excellent clearances from Amber and Skye, Blandford pushed another one in from another forward breakaway attack.

Poole forward Esme gave us a master class in post position during a glorious short corner . Expertly injected from Kirsty, Abi collected, controlled and hit an accurate pass to Esme who was hovering on the right post and deflected the ball solidly to the back boards.Woop woop!

Thereafter,we were into damage limitation and we regained ball ownership with some great tackles midfield and continued attempts at running to goal by Amber.

In the context of Blandford’s seasoned players, Poole Development Team demonstrated good passing and sticky marking. We held our heads high when the final whistle blew. Home to hot baths....and homework😖for lots of our school girls!

Final score 6:2 lose

Player of the match:Emily GK
Oopsy Daisy moment: Lily subbing in without her stick!
Most amazing Goal Save: Lily for stopping and clearing a almost certain goal very impressively. Awesome!

Written by Karina


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