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vs IoW 2s 1st December 2018

It was an early start
It rained
We didn't score
We lost 6-0
I went A over T
Made some stupid tackles
No more to say!
Man of the match: Liam
Muppet of the Match: Ash

Written by Ash


Dolphins match report against Havant 4s lost 3-1

The start with on a misty sunday traveling to lavant game starting at 1215 turns out there was confusion between the diffrent drivers on where the pitch actually was. However as we are in good time it didn't matter that the first pitch we turned up at was the wrong one oops. That was followed up by getting to the right pitch with no lavant players in sight with Jo on the phone to their captain to make sure that we were in the right place turns out we were. The third strike was when the opposition turned up they couldn't quite get the gates open to the pitch. Eventually pitch was open and everyone was there on time so turns out all was good.
The first half of the game mainly saw most of the action in poole half a few dot shots and attempts later lavant eventually scored one 1-0. Poole then started to wake a little and send some wonderous passing up the pitch we had our chances but came to no avail. On the break of play lavant then scored a second time 2-0.
The second half then saw poole on the attack a lot more reacting to the play and pressing the ball a lot more however more traing and practise on pressing needs to happen. With some brilliant play from poole saw them get a short corner, shot came in and scored my self gave the goal however lavant complained that the ball didnt leave the D, after talking with the other umpire 2as decided that the ball did leave the D goal stood 2-1. Lavant not one to let this lie came back strong and then putting one past the keeper 3-1. A few other things to note Duncan swan diving in the D and almost swearing lucky boy to not get sent off. Overall he dolphins have come on leaps and bounds from the stsrt of the season and continue to learn from the little mistakes and develop as a team.
Man of match gabe
Dotd ash (umpire) made a couple of mistakes and not sending Duncan off
Looking forward to the next game

Written by Ashley L

vs Salisbury 4s 24th November 2018

A disappointing day but a few lapses in concentration resulted in the team on the losing side. We had several attacks but an inspired away team keeping performance seamed to keep them all out even making a multiply save after 4 shots in succession on target. A disappointing 3-0 loss was not without its flash points but today was all about taking the positives which were all down to our younger players proving simple hockey is the way forward if we want to win more games

Written by Adrian

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