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Written by George C

Havant 4s 1 – 7 Poole 1s

Today Poole 1s were back to the best and put in a stellar performance. Having had a few weeks of bad weather and bad play, today was a sunny day with some sunny performances on the pitch.

Expecting a hard game against a good team from a strong club with National League pedigree, Poole really played well and put them to the sword. Poole started the game the brightest and Els was taking the game to Havant and slid in a ball for Vinny to convert past the keeper.

This gave way to the only pressure Havant had in the game and after 10 mins converted a good short corner into the side netting. From here on, Havant tried to wind the whole Poole team up, but ended up winding each other up. Poole showed great discipline throughout the whole team.

After some more Poole pressure on the Havant goal the goalie popped the ball in for an own goal. Josh wanted a piece of the action and ran round five defenders from the half way line, cut in side, opened up the space, goalie was set, and Josh hit a cracking shot….it went out for a side-line hit. Just as the first half was coming to an end Toby popped up the goal line and made sure Chris effort went in. Great time to score 3-1 half time.

Poole started the second half well, George did some great work into the D on the right, his shot was stopped on the line by a defender’s leg – flick. Els dispatched the flick like a GB player in the Olympics into the bottom corner.

From here on Havant began to argue with the umpire, ending with them down to 9 at one point, arguing the short corner George worked so hard to get was not. When in fact it was. More pressure to Els dribbling into D, he took four defenders, George took the others and left Jason to smash reverse stick from close range.

Another short, led to James taking control of matters and slotting the ball into the bottom corner from the top of the D. Havant argued of course,the goal was good.

Casey got sent off for being Casey.

To round the scoring off Chris was found in the D, and almost took the back board off.

7-1 Everyone was brilliant. I got DOD for no reason other than I didn’t score (nominated by people who don’t understand) after it was shared with Els (green card, upgraded to yellow for arguing) and the MOM was Els so second place was Chak and his vote should have decided it to be Els.

Top of the League with three home games to come.



Horrendous, nasty, soggy... These are just a few words you could use to describe my performance today which earned me the privilege of writing this weeks match report. With Poole first team on rampant form this home game against Trojan 3s had the potential to be a banana slip. Rumour has it Trojans have a history of confusing which players should be playing 3s and which players should be scoring 20 goals in their first team.

Poole were relived to hear Vinny would be able to play after concerns he would be out of action with a flu jab for the next century. The game got underway and the torrential rain made it difficult for either team to get on top until Elliott decided he wanted to score so he did, well done him. Easy isn't it? 1-0. Poole were mainly on top but the slow game and bad conditions meant there was a large chunk of stop start play. A good ball through saw George in the D at an angle too tight to score so he selflessly laid it across the goal to someone he knew wouldn't let him down, their centre back. Own goal 2-0.

The half time whistle blew and the two soaking wet teams trudged to their goals for some rousing words from their respective coaches. Instructed to play easier and not to let them back in it we came out in the second half and did exactly that. Oh wait, no we did the opposite to what we were told and they scored early in the 2nd half. 2-1. We gathered ourselves tremendously well straight after the goal and it wasn't long before our pressure resulted in a P flick. Ells felt sure so he stepped up and delivered. 3-1. At some point during all this excitement, the lucky DOTD avoider Vinny managed to rip the sole of his shoe clean off and had to sit out the rest of the game. Meanwhile the other soulless player, me, apparently missed yet another chance. No comment.

On one of the rare occasions Trojans won possession in our half, they slipped through our otherwise-solid defence and nicked another goal. 3-2. Then the better team proved it with a nice counter aerial from Chak to Nick, slipped to Ells and round the keeper, that's his hatrick. 4-2. The relentless weather had everyone wanting the game to end and Casey gave himself a break from the rain by getting a yellow card. Not how I'd do it but you do you.

We dealt with some sustained pressure and saw the game off well, full time result 4-2. Now off to multiple pubs for multiple beverages (and a dirty pint) because we're a lovely, social bunch of nice people. Up the Poole.


Written by George C

If Hockey be the food of love….then play on.

It was a top of the table clash between Romsey Mens 1st and Poole Mens 1st. Even the umpires were expecting a fast paced game of open hockey.

What they actually got was a well drilled and disciplined Poole team playing good hockey, against the long ball tactics of Wimbledon.
The games started like a game of chess with tensions high, ending with the Wimbledon Centre Back undone by Georges pace, he had no choice but smashing him and earning a green card.
Soon after, George wobbled through and unselfishly put it on a plate for Chris S. Chris couldn’t miss and the Poole were 1-0 up.

After some strong defending from Poole, every single Wimbledon 16 was sent as an aerial, Chak and Olly stood up firm.
After some more aerials there was some fast inter play by Poole Midfield and forwards, Chris S smashed a reverse stick shot from nowhere, 2-0 right on the halt time whistle.

Wimbledon sent more aerials and got lucky, they got a short. They knew the goalie was weak on his right foot and smashed it bottom corner. Chris T fell over.

There was then a lot of pressure on the Poole defence, mainly from aerials, but also a little bit of hockey. The back four stood firm.

Poole then broke quickly, the ball was smashed into the D, Ed Sheeran got a stick on the end and deflected past Georges head to the top corner. Wimbledon complained again, and the umpires sent both Captains off for the descent of the teams. For the record Poole did nothing wrong.

Then Casey put in a strong tackle, the Wimbledon midfielder (this is someone who just watches aerials go over their head) took exception to this, and dropped his handbag whilst trying to get at Casey.
The game was still open until the last five mins, when Chris S produced a masterclass in finishing and deflected the past the keeper.

A very deserving MOM to Chris S, the DOTD was shared between Toby (shouldn’t be allowed anywhere without his Dad) and George. (Sent off for Chaks desent, confirmed by Umpire after the game)

Final score 1-4.
We are Top of the League.

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