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Poole 1s played Weymouth 1s.
Elliott scored 3 then George scored 2
Chak let a goal in our end
Chris made some good saves
Toby played well
Umpires were... questionable and decided to card George and Casey just cause.
Neil played well but decided to kick the ball.

Man of the match - Toby
Dick of the day - was me for missing a sitter but Ade made a child cry with chilli sauce so he has taken it for the day 👍🏻

Just to add to the report, WE ARE NOW SECOND!

Written by Nick J

vs Hamble 2s 26th January 2019

Basically I remember very little of the game today other than Elliott bled a lot and scored, I saved a few shots, Chak tried to catch the ball, Nick didn’t get angry, Vinny was there, Cam looked very far away, Ade left at half time, Olly wore goggles, James was angry abit, Jake was called Neil, Dean was there for once, Casey hit the ball far too hard, George was the coach, Tom ran and scored, Steve span once, and Jason scored.

We won 3-2. Up the boys. I got dotd and motm. Decent.

Written by Chris 

vs Bournemouth 3s 19th January 2019

It was a rainy Saturday morning at Ashdown. One dugout, two team's, one wet astro. The rest was a literally a blur. The white smudges seemed to be the better team with multiple celebrations after what I suspect were goals, although I could not see any sticks or balls to confirm this.
Half time saw Poole 2-1 up and a hunger for a win against local rivals. Second half weather didn't really improve but Poole stayed on top of the game from what I could hear (and occasionally see) Chak scored one of the only goals I saw as the weather had allowed my goggles to dry out very briefly for what was certainly an inspiring goal.
The rest of the game consisted of white and yellow blobs. Not sure where the ball was for 90% of the time but I think Poole scored some more goals to end up winning 4-1.

Written by Ollie

vs IoW 1s 8th December 2018

Isle of Wight - 4-0 win. Up the boys.

Written by Chris

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