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We won 2-1. And we are 2nd now.

Written by Chris T.


Today, saw the top of the table clash. A powerhouse of Fareham, sat top, 2 points clear and a game in hand; versus Poole, a promotion fighting team needing to keep up with a battling Trojans team for the all important promotion spot. The sun-graced pitch lead to one end of the pitch being clearly favourable. Tactically, it was decided that we wanted to have the blinding end first, with the pretence it would worsen throughout the game.

The whistle was blown, starting the game, but to the players, this is what the last 5 years of playing had all come to. Fareham started in possession, moving the ball quickly; a characteristic they are known for. Two quick passes and a misjudgment from Olly H put a player through on goal, who spanked the ball into the right side of the goal, getting the away team off the mark within 10 seconds. (0-1).

Instantly, heads went down as this wasn’t the expected start. One nil down against top of the league, 10 seconds in, Poole looked like they had underestimated the opposition. Pushing back once more, some sloppy Poole passing gave Fareham the opportunity to drive at the Poole Goal for the second time in 2 minutes. A foot from Jake in the D, gave Fareham a short corner; their previous weaponry in the fixture earlier in the season. A well practiced drag flick was put into the top right corner, with little chance to be saved. (0-2).

Within 5 minutes, a 2 goal deficit faced Poole, whose heads had dropped considerably. With what felt like an impossible task, Poole pushed back. A mixture of anxiousness and pressure was obviously hindering the team as, the ball began to move through the team. Finally showing some levels of composure, the Poole midfield started to offer options to the strikers. Eventually, a short corner was earned. The ball was pushed out by Elliott to Casey, who rocketed the ball goalwards. A little nick from Elliott redirected the ball onto a Fareham foot, which was on the line. After several shouts, the umpire gave the penalty flick. Elliott stepped up and the pitch fell silent in anticipation. In a fluid motion, Elliott placed the ball the diving keeper, reducing the goal difference to 1 and giving Poole a spark. (1-2).
The first 10 minutes had seen 3 goals and many emotions and this was just the start.

Having introduced Toby out wide, a larger Fareham player bodied him. With play allowed to continue, the captain took upon himself to enforce some rules. The Fareham player had to be substituted. Fareham kept the ball for the proceeding 10 minutes, compiling masses of pressure of the shaken Poole defence. Fareham forced Poole to concede several short corners, but they were all defended well by an organised defence. After finding some space out wide, Fareham found a way into the D, forcing a save. The rebound went back to the striker, and with the keeper now on the floor, the attacker passed the ball laterally to his teammate, who had an open goal. He made the goal deficit 2 again (1-3).

The half continued with more pressure from Fareham, but nothing came through for them. The whistle blew for half time. Once collected in the goal, it was time for the team talk. The points made were: What was that? We’re better than that. And let’s play better.

The second half went underway on the hallowed Astro of Ashdown with the home team in possession. With an unusual start, Poole played the ball around the back and not the well loved aerial. Retaining the ball for the first 3 minutes, to try and gain some control on the game. It didn’t last. Fareham once in possession retained the ball well, transferring between from wing to wing. Once a gap opened up, a Fareham winger hit the by-line. They crossed the ball and was shot onto the post. It was cleared poorly by the keeper and the ball was passed back across the goal face. A shoddy deflection sent the ball goalbound and unsighted keeper made a wasted effort as the ball had crossed the line before much could be done. (1-4).

3 goals down, and in the blaring sun, and under constant pressure, hope was lost. With 25 minutes remaining it would take nothing short of a miracle for Poole to come away from the game with anything. More Fareham pressure kept the Poole team at bay, rarely leaving the Poole half. After a stint of heavy Fareham pressure, a rare Poole attack allowed Elliott to gain some time in the opposition 23. He saw an open Tom Perry and passed the ball to him. Tom forgot what hockey was and kicked the ball in a shear-esc fashion, squandering a crucial chance. More Fareham pressure resulted in Casey seeing a ball off the pitch. Their striker, who had been troublesome all game, hit Casey in the head with his stick. Nick ran over and shoved the player. Nick was then sent off for using inappropriate language. Their player was also sent off for fouling Casey. Once back on the pitch, the Fareham player, obstructed a Casey from getting the ball for a free hit. Cam dealt a swift shove in the back, which was not noticed by the umpire. Their player was not impressed.

With 5 minutes remaining, another Poole attack, headed by George, entered the Fareham 23. Once in the D, George was brought down intentionally by the Fareham defender. The second flick of the game awarded again in benefit of the home side. Once again, Elliott stepped up and the pitch once more fell silent. The flick was put top bins making it 2 from 2 for the team top scorer. (2-4).

With 3 minutes to go, Fareham won a short corner. Another drag flick was slung, but the shot was saved by a convincing stick of the keeper. With the umpires signalling 2 minutes, it was now or never. With full pressure on, Fareham passed a sloppy ball, which was snapped up by Poole. A 50/50 tackle lead to the ball being at Elliott’s feet. He ran and launched the ball into the far top corner. The forwards all working for one another and reaping their rewards through a great finish. (3-4).

Now with less than a minute to go, 40 seconds, Fareham pushed back. The entire Poole squad pushed forward, to attempt the impossible. The ball was passed out wide to a Fareham winger. 30 seconds. Tom attacked the player flat out and put enough of a tackle in to dispossess the player. Diving, he then hit the ball to Elliott. Looking up and seeing Casey, a lateral pass was made. 20 seconds. A beautiful pass to a running Nick was spotted. He collected the ball on the Fareham 23, and drove forward. 10 seconds. With 2 options of pass or shoot, Nick took the gamble and hit the ball at the goal. In the time it took for the ball to real the goal, everything was still. The fans on the sideline watched with baited breath as the ball flew through the air. An unmistakable ding of the crossbar echoed around the pitch. Again, a second ding was heard of the post. The sight of a rippling net, lead to an eruption of cheers. The ball was in. (4-4). Celebrations from the team were electric. Against the league dominants, and from being 4-1, a surely dead Poole was resurrected, and had earned a point from what seemed like a certain result.

The final score was 4-4.

The final whistle blew. The promotion battle is still alive. The next 4 games are what stands between us and a new division.

MOTM: Nick - for literally the best goal he will ever score

DOTD: Tom - for missing the goal


Poole 1s played Weymouth 1s.
Elliott scored 3 then George scored 2
Chak let a goal in our end
Chris made some good saves
Toby played well
Umpires were... questionable and decided to card George and Casey just cause.
Neil played well but decided to kick the ball.

Man of the match - Toby
Dick of the day - was me for missing a sitter but Ade made a child cry with chilli sauce so he has taken it for the day 👍🏻

Just to add to the report, WE ARE NOW SECOND!

Written by Nick J

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