vs Petersfield 27th October 2018

Ladies 1s were away at Petersfield today, with an early morning stop off at McDonald’s to pick up a Spalding and coffee. Mostly coffee.
AJ went on a goal rampage stealing many goals and gassing everyone out before our 8-1 win. 
The final score was still 8-1. After AJ started off the game passing the ball into the goal after a lovely set of passes to and from many of the team. The final score was 8-1. Winning a short corner, AJ leant too far back and blasted the ball into the back of the net (goal not allowed, final score still 8-1). By the end of the first half it was 2-0 to Poole.
Petersfield started the second half with a bit more energy but Poole gained the ball back and after so many attempts at goal by Anna and AJ kept defeating the keeper. The final score was 8-1. Petersfield managed to break and after the formation gradually changed to Hazel alone at the back because Esme wanted to run and Hannah didn’t like the pressure! TJ only had one job and Petersfield scored. The final score was 8-1. Anna finally got the ball and decided not to pass to the goal stealing AJ and scored the final goal for Poole. The final score was 8-1.

MOM - Anna for tolerating AJ’s goal stealing ways
DOD - AJ and her feral smells

Written by Wilko

vs West Meon 13th October 2018

Our beloved captain Lady Windsor was somewhat hanging. 🤢
It was a tense affair to say the least, our beloved captain had been carded within 5 minutes for some minor back chat. The opposition utilised hitting the ball down pitch and parking themselves in defence. 76 penalty corners to Poole later and still no goals. At one point Dani threatened to put someone on hypothetical detention! Coach Andy got told off from the sidelines and Lady Windsor was called a cow. All in all it was a frustrating match.
We will take the point!
Mom Birthday girl Hannah 
Dod vomit comet AJ
Tabs out.

Written by Nickie

vs Basingstoke 4s 6th October 2018

Ladies 1s played away to Basingstoke. Despite the fact we actually played in Eastleigh! A wet and cold game faced us, but us ladies are made of stronger stuff and we dominated the game from the off. Quickly gaining the lead with a well worked goal finished off beautifully by Ruth. An unlucky couple of breaks from Basingstoke saw them take the lead just before half time. Second half saw us play well. A good team effort but with no goals in the second half we finished the game with a 2-1 loss. 
MOM: Ruth 

Written by AJ

vs Portsmouth & Southsea 2s 29th September 2018

We had a great match today with AJ rugby tackling their goalkeeper (and scored) and Esme scoring her first goal! It was a 5-0 win against Portsmouth and Southsea but they played very well with only 10 players. Hazel also had a very good match despite her hangover.

Written by Sophie

vs Aldershot & Farnham 4s 22nd September 2018

The ladies ones crossed 2 county borders and enjoyed some homemade sausage rolls on the way to play Aldershot and Farnham. Poole were a bit slow to get going but had strong peaks of pass and move play. Lucie put in some well timed tackles after Swapping in for a injured Debs and sophie made some relentless runs through their defence. Abbie did some solid interceptions and passes on her debut. Hazel also did an amazing superwoman stop and pass thing. After getting soaked in the rain we were looking forward to some good teas ... these turned out to be ages away and more sausage roll!! ‘Much greasier and not as good as lo’s’ .... anyway it was something like 5-0 to f&a ... 
Mom Sophie 
Dod TJ & Lo

Written by Lo

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20 Nov 2018
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Junior coaching

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